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MSIG TravelRight

Flight delays. Loss of Luggage. Illness. An accident. Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday with your family, any of these common travel problems could leave you stranded and helpless far from home. The result could be a financial disaster. That's why you need the protection of MSIG's Travel Insurance, for protection throughout your journey.

TravelRight is fully underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd.

Select your travel type DOMESTIC
Travel Period
Start date
End date
Insured Insured Only
Insured and Spouse
Insured and Child(ren)
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  • Family includes you, your legal spouse and child(ren) above 30 days and below 18 years of age.
  • Insured and child(ren) includes you and your child(ren) above 30 days and below 18 years of age.
  • Domestic Cover - Travelling within East Malaysia or within West Malaysia only.
  • Asia includes Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia (East to West or vice versa), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Payment is processed by Mobile88.com Sdn Bhd.The Name of Mobile88.com will be shown on your Credit Card / Bank Statement and you will also receive a notification e-mail from Mobile88 on this Transaction.

Case Study

Ms. Lim loves to travel and if she can afford it - twice a year - with colleagues, friends and family members. Being a seasoned traveler, she knows having an enjoyable trip includes planning for a safe trip. For example, telling an immediate family member where you are going, inform your credit card company, read all about the places you are visiting and places to avoid, bringing medication…etc

"You can plan as much as you can but there are certain things you just cannot plan for. Getting assistance or help in a place that you are unfamiliar with is even more challenging".

Weather is so unpredictable nowadays. Cancelled flights or missed flight connections are so common. That's not so bad. On one occasion, a mother and son were traveling with us to Turkey. When you visit another country, you try all types of foodstuffs. He had food poisoning. Fortunately, we were given the MSIG’s TravelRight ISOS Assist Card when we insured with MSIG. With the 24 hour help line services, they arranged everything for us - getting the doctor, ambulance, hospital admission, even the visa extension and the additional stay for the mother accompanying the son. The Mum is not fluent in English and can you imagine the frustration by doing this on our own in a different language. Fortunately, MSIG ISOS had connections with doctors all over the world."

It was worth the RM 42.00* we paid. So I always make sure I travel "right" with MSIG's TravelRight Insurance policy".

*Worldwide Coverage excluding US and Canada: 1 - 5 days premium rate


6 March 2006, Guanxi Bus Crash - 3 dead and 19 injured.

For those travelers that were insured with MSIG, our ISOS assistance provided the following for the tragic incident:

International ISOS local correspondent arrived at Heizhou within hours of the accident and worked with the local treating hospital and doctors to ascertain the location of each victim and obtained the preliminary medical reports.
International ISOS First Response Team comprising of doctors and nurses from Hongkong, Shanghai and Beijing arrived at Heizhou via Guilin to assess the medical condition of the patients and developed plan of action.
Air Ambulances were used to transport most seriously injured persons back to Malaysia. Doctors and nurses accompanied the patients from Guilin to Malaysia. Arrangements were made for the others to return by commercial Flight.
International ISOS brought home safely all patients under its care just four days after the incident.
The total premium for the 8 persons covered by MSIG is RM355.00. The total claims paid by the Company for this incident is RM412,000.

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